What do we Train?

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The goal of our program is to provide activities that will work all of the systems of the body. Many athletes concentrate too much on training one system and ignore others. We will show you how to cross train the systems for maximum benefit

Speed, Quickness, and Agility

Goal is to develop and increase top end acceleration, reaction time, and speed. Great for any Ice, Field, Court, or Track sports. Aimed at athletes from the Fundamental level to Elite. 

Activities include X Drills,Cone Drills,Anaerobic Sprints, Circuits, Reaction Games,Partner Assisted Drills,Ladder,Speed Hurdles,Dynamic Flexibility Drills,Acceleration Development,Run Cords,etc.

Strength, Core, Balance, and Coordination

Maximizing strength and training how to accelerate and maintain speed . Teaching you how-to use your muscles to the best of their ability.

Activities include Circuit Training, Movement training, Hurdles,Testing, Advanced Core drills, Stability and Mobility Work,Dynamic Flexibility, etc.

Power, Jumping Ability, Dynamics

You will increase your Vertical Jump, Horizontal jump, power and release more power with each step/push. Perfect for the Hockey, Track and Field Athlete, Volleyball, Basketball , Figure Skating, etc.

Activities include bounding, jumping, technique of Plyometrics, hurdles, power and weight Accelerations, run cords, partner drills, etc

Aerobic Power and Endurance

Aerobic endurance is the foundation for success in almost any sport, but perhaps the most misunderstood.

We will focus on training Aerobic Capacity and Power through circuit , Interval Training and Speed circuits.